About Us

Bangor-on-Dee Salmon Anglers Ltd is a village based club located in Bangor-on-Dee,on the English / Welsh border approximately 5 miles south east of Wrexham on the A525 to Whitchurch.

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The club is run by anglers for the benefit of anglers.

BODSA was established in 1946 by Tom Parry for the local soldiers returning from the Second World War. The early membership was limited to 30 members and with the numbers of fish running the river, membership was highly sought after, with long waiting lists. During the life of the club, additional fishing has been made available through purchase and rent and with the additional waters, the allowable membership has increased. The current limit for membership stands at 250.

As with most other rivers, the numbers of fish running the river in recent years has declined and with it the demand for membership. However, the club still fills its membership each year with potential members having to wait until the following season to join.Some members of the club have been so for 40 years or more.

From its origins as a village club, the catchment area for members has grown significantly with members from North Wales, the areas surrounding  Liverpool, Manchester and Wolverhampton, from the borders in Cheshire and Shropshire and from Staffordshire. The catchment area for visitors extends even further with anglers from all over England and Wales visiting our waters on a regular basis with occasional visitors from Scotland.

Indeed, over the past couple of seasons we have had visitors from Continental Europe and enquiries from as far away as the USA.

Whilst the title suggests a club purely driven by the pursuit of salmon, BODSA caters for most anglers wishing to fish in a river. This includes game fish, migratory and resident, and coarse fish using most legal methods, including fly, spin and bait.

For membership enquiries or just general advice on our waters please click here and don't forget to visit our Members Community for latest news, advice and catch reports.

Bangor on Dee Salmon Anglers Ltd respects the rights and views of members and non-members visiting this website and does not endorse or warrant the correctness of any content on this website either copy or downloadable.