Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May 2018

Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May 2018

George Wallace

Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May:

Thunder storms last night, after that long spell of warm, dry weather. We had very little rain here but there must have been a fair bit up in the hills, because the river reached five feet above normal early this morning. When I looked over Overton bridge at about 8 o'clock it was still high and dirty, though beginning to fall. Since then it has fallen another foot and should be continuing to fall and clear during the rest of to-day, perhaps even being fishable by this evening. I'll try to find time to have a look later.

I know from second- and third-hand reports that salmon have been caught but no-one has had the kindness to inform me directly so I have no details to tell you. I do know that sick fish have been seen, covered in white fungus and apparently dying. One was about 20 lbs and there is another about the same size, already dead, at Groves Farm - though it's probably miles away downstream on the flood, by now. Andrew asked NRW if he should kill the dying fish so that they could examine them but they said no, because it is illegal to kill fish, even a mercy killing, until 16th June; but please to report them. Bureaucrats; don't you just love 'em!

Before this flood we were starting to see some good hatches of fly, including the first of the real mayfly hatches, so let us hope they resume where they left off when the sun comes out - which it is this morning - and the river returns to normal.

Our Wednesday work parties have been busy trying to deal with the fallen tree at Groves Farm. Although we have removed all the top hamper, roots are still attached at the far bank and we can't pull it out because of that and because when I attach a rope from the Land Rover the branches dig into the river bed, stopping the tree from moving. The flood may have moved it but, if not, we'll have to cross the river and try to saw through the roots under water. That should be fun! We also want to start clearing access for both game and coarse fishermen on the Village beat, so if you coarse anglers have any thoughts on spots that currently look 'fishy' but have no access, please let me know so that we can deal with it.

In the meantime, get yourselves out on our beautiful river - and please don't forget to let me know how you get on. I keep having to say that information on catches and on fish seen are very encouraging for all the other members and might just persuade them to go fishing instead of wasting their lives cutting the lawn - which only grows again - or cleaning the car - which is mucky again in a couple of days. Sharing information is what a Club is all about, so please do so; we're not just a collection of individuals.

None of us is going to live for ever so it's important to get the priorities right and, as Confucius reportedly said, "Time spent fishing is not subtracted from your lifespan." If that's true, I reckon Karl and Dave really will live for ever!