Friday 18th August 2017

Friday 18th August 2017

George Wallace

Friday 18th August:

We had a planning meeting this morning with Debbie and Amanda from Nightingale House, getting ready for the Great Charity Duck Race on Sunday 3rd September. The photo is the BODSA Duck, created by Derek and I reckon its bloody brilliant.

I hope everyone will come to Bangor on Dee to support the event and if you are feeling helpful, we still need more volunteers to launch the ducks, guide any that get stuck, and net the survivors after they have passed under the Old Bridge. We may also need ushers to direct car parking in the field on the left bank, just below the bridge. If you can spare an hour or so, please get in touch; it is for a very worthwhile cause and will be much appreciated. You can even go fishing, before and/or after! Or into the pub?

The river is still more than three feet above normal and carrying more colour than yesterday, so many places are unfishable. The weather forecast isn't brilliant, either, so don't hold your breath waiting for good conditions. At the moment, the gauge at Manley Hall, and therefore our 'repeater' on the website, is still not working. We had a terrific thuderstorm on Wednesday night with the first huge crash of thunder coming without any warning. Nearly made me jump out of bed! Must have frightened the Manley Hall gauge, too - it's only a couple of miles away as the crow (or duck?) flies - because it hasn't given us a reading since 2200hrs that night. If you want to see whether the river is rising or falling, in the short term you can look at the NRW gauge at Corwen, which is still operational - they're made of tougher stuff up there in the hills, you know!

And again, if anyone can spare a bit of time to help on 3rd September, do please contact me or any member of the Committee.