Friday 6th July 2012

Friday 6th July 2012

George Wallace

As I look out of the window and see the rain battering down the oil-seed rape, I can't help wondering if we'll ever get any decent fishing weather!

The river started rising again yesterday afternoon, probably because they were letting water out of the dams in preparation for to-day's predicted rainstorms - the alert was upgraded first to orange and now to red. The trouble with water from the dams is apparently because they let it out from the bottom where its temperature is 39.2 degrees F (4 degrees C) and it kills the fishing stone dead. Reports from the river yesterday seem to indicate that is what happened. I don't know why they can't use a higher discharge port, above the thermocline; perhaps it would suck fish through?

With all this in prospect, I spoke to Karl Humphries earlier and we decided it would be best to postpone Sunday's planned sea-trout evening. The weather should be better but the river will almost certainly still be unfishable so we thought it better to postpone now, rather than hang on until the last minute. A new date will be arranged as soon as possible.

I have been having a look out to the West to see what's coming. We have a Low over Cornwall at the moment with a warm front ahead of it giving this heavy rain. There is another Low immediately behind but it is at least possible that there will then be a spell of more settled weather. A High just South of Iceland and another over the Azores, whose systems seem to be joining out in the Atlantic, might give us some decent weather.