Friday 6th May 2016

Friday 6th May 2016

George Wallace

Friday 6th May:

Sorry I've been too distracted to write for the last few weeks, but there hasn't really been very much to say. However, things are now brightening up, the wind is not so cold, fly are hatching and fish are rising. I have reports of several salmon caught and/or lost so there are definitely fish in the river if you shift your **** and go looking for them. As I always say, you'll catch nowt sitting at home. There was a fish showing in the Garden Pool on Pickhill beat when we were doing a bit of tidying up there earlier in the week.

Some people have had good days on the trout and (out of season) grayling and as far as I can see it depends on being out of the wind. That icy breeze has suppressed the flies but if you move round the corner, out of the wind, you may find fish rising. Still, the breezes should be warmer from now on and there will be rising fish everywhere. BUT NOT IN FRONT OF YOUR TV!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the river bank.............