Friday 8th January 2016

Friday 8th January 2016

George Wallace

Friday 8th January 2016:

A Very Happy New Year to everyone, if you can manage a few happy thoughts amid the encircling gloom of the daily news.

Will whoever is doing the Rain Dance please desist. Enough is enough! The constant rain, even though it has rarely been heavy hereabouts, has soaked the land so that now every shower runs straight into the river. As a result our beautiful Dee is rushing seawards six feet above normal as I write and rising again. The water is coloured but not dirty so that, as so often recently, if you can find a spot out of the current it should provide good fishing for our coarse fishing members.

On which note, may I remind those who have not yet renewed their membership that their tickets expired on 1st January and they must not fish BODSA waters until they have paid the 2016 subscription. Anyone who has not paid by the date of the AGM on 5th February will be deemed to have resigned and will have to go back on the waiting list if they then want to rejoin. So please pull your fingers out or, alternatively, let Derek or me know if you do not want to rejoin so that your place can be offered to someone else as early as possible.

I will be starting to send out invitations to those already on the waiting list later this month, as we find places becoming available, so please be patient; the wait is nearly over. Having said which, I have had a problem with my computer and may have lost the names and e-mail addresses of some of those on the waiting list, so if you have not heard from me by the end of the month please accept my apologies and contact me again.

We have been hoping to host the Grayling Society on Sunday the 17th but conditions don't look at all hopeful. The visit has already had to be postponed once because of weather and river conditions and the poor grayling men must be starting to think we are doing it on purpose! Far from it; we are really looking forward to their visit - and also to spying on them to pick up some tips on how we ought to be doing it.