Monday 11th March 2013

Monday 11th March 2013

George Wallace

Monday 11th March:-

Bloody hell that NE wind's cold! Air temp minus 4 which means minus 8 when we factor in the wind chill. The river looks beautiful. It rose slightly at the weekend after that bit of rain but is now back to normal and fishing will be a joy as soon as the atmosphere warms up a little. This weather might be okay for you younger fellows but us old codgers can't cope with cold winds blowing on arthritic shoulders - costs too much in paracetamol! I fish for pleasure, so I'm waiting for the real  Spring.

The river is still full of Kelts so there's always a chance of something bending your rod. But be prepared; Graham told me he couldn't get his fly down to the grayling because Kelts kept taking it, so don't mess about with fine leaders until they have gone back to sea. There will be Springers in the river but they are not usually very keen on taking salmon flies, let alone little flies meant for grayling. Still, you never know..................

Despite their regal bearing, Grayling are still Coarse Fish so don't forget that their Season ends on the 15th of this month, which is next Friday.

Sea-trout fishing begins on the 20th, which is a week on Wednesday.