Monday 17th July 2017

Monday 17th July 2017

George Wallace

Monday 17th July:

Members report success rates varying from pure delight to total failure, so nothing new there. It is easy to forget in these days when we are largely removed from the effects of weather and climate, and when many of us only go outside to get as far as the car, that our beautiful countryside and all its birds, animals and fish, are most active very early and very late, avoiding the heat of the day and the brilliant sunshine.

A couple of examples of this are that last evening Karl and Alan had about forty fish in three and a half hours, mostly on little spiders fished wet. A lot of Grayling, including some nice ones, and about a dozen Brown Trout; good fish with the largest about 3 1/2 lbs. That's a very good wild Dee Brownie. The lack of salmon parr is worrying because we've hardly seen one this year while in the past you could get two and three at a time on a team of flies.

The day before, fishing quite early in the morning for Barbel, Richard had this cracking Chub. He had forgotten his scales but it looks to be over 4lbs. A lovely fish, from a lovely river, on a lovely Summer morning. What more can anyone ask?