Monday 18th January 2016

Monday 18th January 2016

George Wallace

Monday 18th January:

Quite a change from yesterday. The river has fallen quite a bit and although still high, it is running fairly clear. Our depth board at Dukes appears to have been clobbered by a passing tree trunk or something because it is only just poking above the surface and if that were correct, the river would be more than four feet above normal, which it is not. The gauge at Manley Hall puts the level at just over two feet above normal, and that looks about right.

Shadow and I bumped into Dave on Bangor Old Bridge and he told me that he had managed to catch a few grayling at the weekend, even when the water was quite a bit higher than it is to-day. He was heading off again to try a bit of long trotting and with the water looking so inviting I am expecting to hear good news. The floods of the past weeks marooned a few fish out on the fields. The more river-savvy coarse fish seem generally to be able to cope with such things but there was a dead salmon about three feet long, Dave said, in one of the fields further downstream. I heard of a couple of dozen salmon being similarly marooned somewhere in Lancashire or Cumbria.

Please keep me informed of catches - or the lack of them - so that I can pass on the information. Looking out on these grey, drizzly days can be pretty depressing and although it's not bad once you get outside and start doing something, a bit of news of fish being caught provides encouragement to go fishing, which is always a good thing.