Monday 24th August 2015

Monday 24th August 2015

George Wallace

Monday 24th August, 2230 hrs:

Recent rain has put a nice bit of water into the Dee and the next few days should produce some great fishing - I say nothing about great fish, although the river is full of both salmon and sea-trout following the recent big tides and the promise of fresh water.

I have mentioned the discrepancy in readings between the NRW electronic gauge at Manley Hall and our fixed marker post at the head of Dukes in Bangor on Dee. At about 1330 this afternoon the river at Bangor was exactly three feet above normal, ie showing 4'6" on the board, and running pretty dirty. At the same time, the river was starting to clear at Erbistock and the level shown by the Manley Hall gauge was 850mm, which is 400mm or 16" above normal taking the previously accepted 450mm (18") as being summer normal. On recent readings, it appears that the Manley Hall gauge - whence the readings on our graph to the bottom right of this page are taken - is reading 18" low. What I suspect has actually happened is that, whether deliberately or not, the gauge has been re-set so that zero represents summer normal. When I use that as a basis, the gauge equates perfectly with our board at the Dukes.

In the short term, please add 450mm (18") to the "height above normal" shown on the bottom right corner of the Home Page. You need to be logged in to see it. Once I can talk to Russell I will ask him if it is possible to re-set the zero line/summer normal line on the graph to give us a true reading.

Having said all that, the river level seems to be falling slowly as water drains off the land - which is where to colour comes from -  and there may also be some being released from the dams upstream. Whatever, the level is still more than 2 1/2 feet above normal and needs to fall at least another foot, and preferably a bit more, before fishing becomes really enjoyable. We always used to say that it needed to fall below 800mm on the Manley Hall gauge but as things are at present we need to be using a figure of 350mm as being ideal. That is 480mm, or 20", below its present level.

If we have no more rain, tomorrow may be okay but Wednesday and Thursday should be better. If you go to the lower Beats and find the water still dirty, try going upstream until the colour improves. If you want to try Groves Farm, our furthest Beat upstream - which is already fishable (sort of!) - please remember that numbers of both cars and anglers are limited and the Beat can only be fished by prior booking with me.