Monday 26th November 2012

Monday 26th November 2012

George Wallace

Monday 26th:-  You will have noticed the rain? The river has been up and down as the storms swept over, reaching a peak of 1700mm (just over 4ft above normal) last night. It is currently falling, 1430hrs, but with more heavy rain forecast to-night it will probably be up around our ears again tomorrow.

The fish are still in the river and I saw one hardy soul on television fishing for barbel under such conditions. He only found the river because he knew where it ran among the flooded fields. He was using half-a-pound of lead and 30lbs line which isn't my idea of fishing pleasure but if that's what rings your bell................

I am hoping the torrent has shifted some of the tangled flotsam at the head of Brook Mouth at Pickhill but I'm afraid it's just as likely to have brought more down and simply added to the mess. I'll have a look when it dries up a bit which, with colder weather forecast, might happen later in the week. In the meantime, may I recommend log fires and whisky? And perhaps a bit of fly tying.

Did you hear the report of a 40-pound salmon caught on fly in the Conwy a week or two back?