Monday 27th May 2013

Monday 27th May 2013

George Wallace

Monday 27th May:

 This afternoon's rain didn't deter Phil, who reports two salmon of about 14 and 15lbs in two hours from the Village. Jealous, or what!!  They were caught on fly and sinking line, though I am not sure yet whether it was a full sinker or a sink tip. With the river only five or six inches above normal, I don't suppose it would make any real difference. Phil has added them to the Catch Returns so members can see his report there.clap3

The weather forecast is not too good for the rest of the week but I hope the rain will not be enough to cause a significant rise in river levels. As long as it is not too windy - and there are no high winds in the forecast - overcast conditions tend to be better for fishing and, as Phil has shown us to-day, persistence can pay off even when fishing is not too comfortable because there's rain running down your neck.

We hope to see some of you at the Noggin and Natter in the Royal Oak on Friday evening, from about 1900hrs.

Saturday will be 1st June, so spinning is allowed from then until the end of the Season. Bait fishing is not allowed until 16th June and it finishes on 30th September, after which it is fly and spin until the end of the Season on 17th October. Blimey, there's another year gone!