Monday 30th November 2015

Monday 30th November 2015

George Wallace

Monday 30th November:

Wet and windy to-day, with the river level rising again as we speak. It's been up and down like an Essex girl's knickers in recent weeks and has shot up again in the last four hours. I had a look at 1500hrs this afternoon and our gauge at Dukes was completely invisible which means it was already more than five feet above normal. The water is coloured but not dirty and fish will certainly be able to see your bait if you can find a quiet backwater free of snags. This is where Summer walks can be so useful in identifying places which will be fishable when the Winter river is up to the top of its banks and roistering along like a bunch of kids let out of school. You don't want to cast into a tempting backwater and find your tackle in the middle of a submerged bush!

Derek will be sending out membership renewal reminders very shortly, so please deal with them promptly before you forget and end up with a letter headed, "Dear ex-Member." Just joking - you know we are very understanding; within reason. But joking aside, this is a genuine plea to deal with it quickly so we can pay the rents and also know how many places are available in 2016 for those on the waiting list.

Apart from that, this is a typical November evening, although perhaps warmer than normal. I've just lit the log burner and am about to pour myself a prophylactic dram, so life's not all bad.