Saturday 14th November 2015

Saturday 14th November 2015

George Wallace

Saturday 14th November:

Following the terrible news from Paris this morning our hearts go out to the innocent French people caught up in the psychotic mania of religious fundamentalism. I'm not sure that ISIS are any worse than the 15th, 16th and 17th Century Spanish Inquisition (and the Incas might well have preferred ISIS) - or our own witch hunters and Bloody Queen Mary for that matter - but we in the West have grown and advanced since those days and might have hoped that Islam, a much older civilisation than our own, had advanced similarly. But apparently not. Anyway.................

Yesterday Barrie asked me about the state of the river and I reported that it was high and coloured but not dirty. Since then, 24 hours ago, the level has fallen but the river is still a good five or six feet above normal - our depth gauge at Dukes is completely under water when the level rises more than 4'6" so the true height is anyone's guess. Still fishable if you can find a spot away from the current but, as I said earlier, do watch out for the slippery banks.

We have had no serious rain here yet, 1330 hrs, though it is now starting to rain a little more heavily and I had to put on a hat when I took Shadow out for a pee. But it's not anything like the threatened hurricane far.

At this time of year Saturday evening means a Chinese take-away, a large whisky (or two?) and Strictly Come Dancing, so the weather and the river will have to manage on their own until tomorrow.

Over and out!