Saturday 16th April 2016

Saturday 16th April 2016

George Wallace

Saturday 16th April:

The river walk went very well to-day, though the turn-out was disappointing with ony four members apparently being interested in being shown round our water. Perhaps no-one else could make the date? Anyway, Derek, Keith and I covered the Village, Ormrod's, Pickhill, Sutton Green, The Captain's, Rodens Hall and Done's Meadow which required a restorative pint in the Royal Oak afterwards.

A good fish was seen at the Buttresses and there were loads of Sand Martins, with a few Swallows, feasting on the fly life over the river and the fields. Mandarin Ducks seem to be doing well and a thousand bomber raid of Swans came over; I have never before seen as many in one mob. We also saw cormorants and goosanders, but the less said about them, the better.

We will shortly be advertising another guided walk, this time for a Sunday morning, which we hope may be more suitable for those of you who didn't, or couldn't, support to-day's effort.