Saturday 17th January 2015

Saturday 17th January 2015

George Wallace

Saturday 17th January:

Thank-you to everyone who has already renewed membership for 2015 but can we please remind those who have not to hurry up and do so. Or let Derek know if you do not wish to rejoin. All memberships expired on 31st December, so if you want to fish Bangor on Dee waters in 2015, please get a whistle on and send your renewal to Derek at the address on top of the reminder letter which went out in early December.

Full membership only costs £10 for each mile of the Dee where BODSA either owns or leases the fishing and you won't find better value anywhere else.

As Membership Secretary, which post now deals with new members only, I have a strong waiting list and have already sent out invitations to about twenty of them. We also have a  limit on membership so old members who have not renewed by the date of the AGM on 6th February may find their place has been taken. If that happens, a full joining fee will be required to re-instate your membership. This is not being bloody-minded; all your Club officers are unpaid volunteers and the Secretary particularly has a very heavy workload for the Club in addition to a full-time job and a busy family life. It is only common courtesy to renew in good time so that he can put it all to bed and get on with other things. If you don't want to join this year - or if you do but aren't able to do so at the moment - please let Derek know so that he can tell me how many of those on the waiting list can be invited to join.

You may feel, not unreasonably, that there's no rush when the river's full and dirty, gales are blowing, more bad weather is forecast and the salmon season doesn't start until 3rd March. However, your Committee has to run what is now a very busy Club and we can't do it comfortably until memberships are renewed, the money safely banked and the budget confirmed for bank work, access road improvement etc. Please help.

While I'm here, we welcome Geoff Littler back to the area and back to Bangor on Dee Salmon Anglers. If you look in the Community section, you will see his beautifully described and wonderfully photographed fly patterns. I have never seen better and we have missed them during his absence.

The ones in the photo here are sea-trout flies tied last week by one of our members for a friend. We all need friends like that - or at least we do if you are anything like me and can't even tie yourself in knots without making a cock of it!

Just over six weeks now until the start of the new salmon season, and nearly nine weeks until the sea-trout begin. Last year the early run of both species showed a lot of very big fish with one over 30lbs - probably well over, if the measurements are anything to go by - landed on our water and another the same size lost at the net. (Sorry to have to remind you of that, Kearney! Perhaps you'll find another this year?)