Saturday 18th June 2016

Saturday 18th June 2016

George Wallace

Saturday 18th June, Noon:

If you are thinking about a spot of fishing, now would be a good time. The river is 22" above normal and a beautiful dark bronze colour which will allow a salmon to see your fly but probably not allow him to see you. The flow is ideal, with enough current to swing a fly round beautifully. It's probably equally perfect for spinning and worming, but I'm afraid I don't know enough about those dark arts to offer an informed opinion.

If wading, stick to the gravel runs and the places you know, avoiding the slippery bits and the pot holes. You can see the bottom in about two feet at Dukes on our Village beat, but any deeper than that and you need to be familiar with the underwater contours. Always use a wading stick and feel for the bottom carefully where you can't see.

Apart from that, the river really does look very tempting and I might have to stir my stumps and have a go. Don't hold your breath though; all this warmth and damp means the garden is a jungle and I'm half expecting David Attenborough and the BBC nature team to burst out of it when I fire up the strimmer!