Saturday 22nd September 2012

Saturday 22nd September 2012

George Wallace

Saturday 22nd. A glorious September morning. When I looked out at 0630 the fields were gold in the morning sun and a thick bank of mist marked the course of the river. It was good to be alive, which is always a bonus at my age and doubly so on such a morning.

The river level has gone up a couple of inches during the night, to 680mm on the gauge, so fish will still be running hard - but they do have to pause for breath every now and then and are, in theory, catchable at such times. Yesterday evening the water was in perfect nick but I only managed to deceive one wee sea-trout in two hours of fishing. There were five cars at Rodens Hall but no-one else seems to have seen anything, either. We just have to keep trying. No-one ever said salmon fishing was easy!

I suspect that at the moment chances are better the further upstream you can get, so Groves Farm might be good as fish rest after scrambling up Overton weir. Remember that we have to book before fishing that Beat.

The next Spring tides will be in the first few days of October. They should bring in a horde of grilse so let's hope the river is then low enough to tempt fish to linger in our waters.

Sunday 1800hrs. Fished for a few hours middle day without seeing anything, although others did see fish. Patrick T had a cracking 36" cock fish (17-18lbs?) on fly at Done's Meadow and further upstream several were seen and a coloured fish was landed and returned. A chilly NE wind and water temp of only 9C weren't encouraging. It is raining now and heavy rain is forecast for the next 24 hours, so don't hold your breath for comfortable fishing conditions in the first part of the coming week.