Saturday 27th October

Saturday 27th October

George Wallace

Saturday, Noon:- First frost of the season last night and the car windows frozen this morning. However, high pressure to the North is giving us bright sunshine, the river is at a nice 635mm and very fishable, which should put the grayling in the mood; so it's not all bad.

Derek texted to say that Ernie took an accidental dip in Cemetery Pool at Groves Farm. I asked if he had a photo for the website but he replied that a man can't take photographs when he's doubled over laughing, so we'll just have to imagine the scene. Ernie was okay, but probably not as amused as Derek.

Please keep me informed of anything happening on the river bank so we can try to maintain interest during the salmon close season. I keep myself busy with axe and chainsaw but, for more normal people, the Dee is full of fish and there really is life beyond salmon and sea-trout. 

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Tuesday morning:- There hasn't been any significant rain here but there must have been a bit of a downpour up-country because the river level shot up six inches yesterday. It is steady at the moment at around 747mm. That's okay for most fishing but if you fancy trying the fly for grayling, it's a bit too high for comfortable wading on much of our water.

If you are in need of, or just fancy some new tackle, have a look at George Stonier's post in our "Community" section. Anyone can do that - you don't have to be a Member or log-in unless you want to post messages. With the current price of Rapalas and such, there may be a bargain to be had.