Saturday 29th November 2014

Saturday 29th November 2014

George Wallace

Saturday 29th November: With the weather calm and dry and the river only six inches above normal and running clear, fishing prospects are pretty good. The leaves have largely gone from the trees but there are lots lying on the bottom in the back eddies, so fishing the streamier bits where the bottom is clean should offer the best chance of success. With the water being clear, this grey, soft light is much better for fishing than bright sunshine.

Grayling and trout - the latter having clearly not taken note of the Seasons - have been coming well to the fly and Karl and Alan had around seventy fish between them one day last week. There would have been even more - perhaps as many as 71 - if I had been able to join them, but it was Julia's birthday so fishing wasn't one of the options.

We have a work party tomorrow, Sunday, (St Andrew's Day) to try to shift some of the fallen and about-to-fall trees along the Village beat, so if you have time to pop along, even if only to make encouraging noises, we'll be pleased to see you.

Derek will soon be sending out membership renewal reminders to current members, so when you receive yours, please renew in good time. That not only makes Derek's work a lot easier but also means that we can invite the patient people on the waiting list to join us early in the New Year, in time for the last of the coarse fishing and well before the trout, salmon and sea-trout Seasons begin again. Then, as soon as weather and water are suitable, we can organise guided walks of the river bank to show new members where to park, how to find the water, and what to do - and not to do - when they get there.

For those who fish for salmon, the new Season begins thirteen weeks from Tuesday. For my own part, and for the first time in many years, I will not be buying a salmon license in 2015. If I happen to catch a salmon it always goes back unharmed to continue it's journey and I only bought the license to help pay for the EA and NRW work keeping the hatcheries running. I don't need a salmon license to hook one by accident on my trout rod, so from now on I ain't going to pay for it. And if that seems like petty vengeance, then so be it - I have no other means of making my views felt.