Sunday 18th June 2017

Sunday 18th June 2017

George Wallace

Sunday 17th June:

Fathers' Day, so the very best of British to any of you who  have managed to use that as an excuse to go fishing. As Confucius reportedly said, "Time spent fishing is not subtracted from your lifespan."

To-day is also our Chairman's Birthday, so congratulations, Keith, and welcome to the company of those who are old enough to qualify as Grumpy Old Men.

The weather forecast is, for the first time this year, warm and settled for the whole of the week. The high tides and high river levels last weekend will have brought fish into the Dee and this kind of weather is supposed to be perfect for sea-trout fishing, according to Hugh Falkus; and he really did know a thing or two about it. So good luck to everyone who can escape to the river bank - but don't forget to take something to drink because it's easy to dehydrate when wearing chest waders, even if the river water does seem to keep you cool when wading deep.