Sunday 25th May 2014

Sunday 25th May 2014

George Wallace

Sunday 25th May:

You may have noticed that it has been raining? The river shot up a couple of feet and ran dirty for a day or so but is now, in spite of continuing showers, falling slowly. When I stuck my nose over Overton Bridge a couple of hours ago, the water was clearing nicely so it is already fishable as soon as the level falls to whatever you find comfortable.

At the moment, the water level at Manley Hall, indicated on both "our" graph here on the website and also on the EA's graph on their website, shows a level of 970mm while the level according to the automatic telephone at Manley Hall is only 931.Sounds a big difference but it's only an inch and a half in real money, and the actual level doesn't really matter - it's the trend up or down that's important.

News this morning of a couple of nice Springers, at least one covered in sea-lice, so switch the bloody tele off and get down on the river!

Jim had some lovely trout on dry fly - daddy longlegs - a few days ago in spite of the high water. His first message said they were 25" but he has admitted, when interrogated under a bright light, that it was a typo and he meant 15. Nice fish, even so.

Remember that the banks of the lower Dee are like grease when wet, so please take extra care.