Sunday 29th April 2018

Sunday 29th April 2018

George Wallace

Sunday 29th April:

The river looks absolutely beautiful with the level a foot above normal at Bangor on Dee and running clear. We have a Full Moon tomorrow and the high Spring tides will no doubt bring more fish into the river. Unfortunately, the weather is not very good and although we seem to have avoided the torrential rain threatened by some forecasters, the chilly North wind makes life a bit unpleasant and discourages flies from hatching. Swallows normally arrive here last week but although I saw a couple at Groves Farm last weekend, they haven't yet arrived here, about three miles as the crow flies. We have Buntings here for the first time. I had assumed they were Reed Buntings but the males do not have the big, black head typical of that species, so the jury is still out on that one.

There is some good news on the fishing front, however. Many of you will already have heard that NRW has postponed implementation of its proposed draconian controls on fishing for salmon. They say they have postponed them until next year but in fact they cannot implement them at all without the consent of the Welsh Assembly.  Lesley Griffiths AM is the minister in charge of all this. She is from Wrexham and has been a member of the Assembly since 2007. In May 2016, following re-election, she was appointed Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs and then, on 3rd November last year, Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs. The impression received by those who have spoken to her, is that Lesley Griffiths is more than capable of assessing and evaluating the available evidence and then making a decision, without allowing herself to be bullied either by the clueless numpties who appear to run NRW, or by we zealots in the opposing camp.

Thank-you to everyone, from BODSA and everywhere in the fishing community, who have worked so hard to try to stall NRW's misguided plans. It has worked so far but we cannot rest on our laurels because NRW say that they have no intention of reconsidering their position or of holding any further consultation. Reminds one of the old joke, "My mind is made up - please do not confuse me with the facts." Except that with NRW it's not a joke.