Sunday 2nd August 2015

Sunday 2nd August 2015

George Wallace

Sunday 2nd August:

Well here we are already in August and I haven't yet wet a line! Must do better! Spent yesterday morning and early afternoon strimming and spraying balsam so at least I'm getting to the river bank occasionally.

Until NRW start doing something specifically for salmon and sewin I will continue to refuse to pay the extra fee for a licence to catch them. The Dee has superb trout fishing, some of the best grayling fishing in the World and loads of coarse fish which will take flies, wet or dry, or spinners as well as conventional baits, so there's plenty to do - and from past experience, salmon seem more likely to take a fly of size 12 or 14 at this time of year. Might be fun if you hook a 30-pounder on trout tackle, though! I once saw Karl hook a little grilse on a 2-weight split cane rod and even that was a pretty unequal contest.

For the less sad buggers among you, the river is full of fish and the massive tides of the weekend and early part of the coming week should bring in many more. The tides during the dark hours, which fish seem to prefer, are a good five feet above the sill of Chester weir so even a small whale could swim up without difficulty. So can the bloody seals, of course, so we might see a few of those in the town and above. Anyone know where we can borrow a pod of Orcas? Anyway, those big tides should also bring in the main run of grilse.

The full moon last Friday was what they call a Blue Moon which is just an old term for those rare occasions, once every two or three years, when we have two full moons in the same month. Once in a blue moon. The moon isn't really blue, although that has been known to happen

The rise in river level last week did a power of good, even though it was only about seven inches. It is still three inches above Summer normal and again rising slightly, though we've had no rain so I don't suppose it will be much.

The two percent of our members who ever tell me anything report lots of small sewin and enough big ones to cause a flutter of the heart even though they can't land them. There are  also salmon being seen as far up as Groves Farm and including some very big fish, so the lower Beats should be full of them.

Will everyone please make a note to keep me informed of anything interesting on the river? Fish caught or seen, falling trees or impenetrable undergrowth obstructing fishing or anything else that might be of interest to readers of this page. I can't pass on news, either good or bad, if I don't receive any! Thank-you.