Sunday 8th June 2014

Sunday 8th June 2014

George Wallace

Sunday 8th June:

Caught this morning at Rodens Hall on a black Flying C. 15 or 16lbs and covered in sea lice. Safely returned. Well done Malcolm!

While we are here, can we please ask all members to observe the countryside code at all times. A gate at Rodens Hall has been left open allowing young cattle to get into the newly-sown maize, with the result that the farmer has now padlocked the gate and access is more difficult for everyone. Also, will whoever keeps wrapping black tape round the fence wire and on the rod rests in the car park, kindly desist. Take your damn rubbish home with you.

Having got that off my chest, I can report that the river is in superb order. Despite the forecast of heavy rain, to-day's weather has been glorious - and what have I been doing? Fishing? Hah! Mowing the lawn and trimming the hedge. Might get to the river during the week, with a bit of luck.