Sunday 9th August 2015

Sunday 9th August 2015

George Wallace

Sunday 9th August:

Continued reports of sea-trout seen (big ones) and caught (smaller ones) and a few salmon also being spotted. Bear in mind that Dee fish rarely show much inclination to splash and jump and you need to be lucky to see or hear them at it. But it doesn't mean they are not there! Several members have heard sea-trout leaping and sploshing in full darkness as they were leaving the river. The warm, muggy weather is producing huge hatches of flies in the evening and you may remember Hugh Falkus' saying that if the midges are biting, so are the sea-trout.

A visit to the river bank on Friday showed a heron, a cormorant and a family of Canada Geese but i didn't see any fish.

At the moment the river level is two inches below Summer normal and we have increasingly warm weather forecast for the rest of the week. No rain on our local forecast until at least Thursday night and probably little, if any, then. Good job they top the level up from the reservoirs otherwise the poor old Dee would be down to its bare bones, as used to happen in the old days.