Thursday 13th August 2015

Thursday 13th August 2015

George Wallace

Thursday 13th August:

On this 75th Anniversary of "Adlertag" (Eagle Day) when Goering began his hopeless campaign to wipe out the Royal Air Force prior to a German invasion of Britain, I am finding it equally difficult to subdue the Himalayan Balsam along the river bank. Perhaps I need a Spitfire? Anyway, the stuff is appearing suddenly among the reeds in places where I had thought there wasn't any and so the sprayer and strimmer have been busy.

That may be fine for the mile or so of river bank for which I am responsible but there's a lot more that I never see, so can we please ask everyone, whenever you go to the river bank, just to spend five or ten minutes pulling up balsam before you start fishing. It comes up very easily.

On the fishing side, grayling and brown trout are coming to the fly and a few of our more competent (or luckier?) fishers are managing to land sea-trout. Although the river is full of them, they are not proving easy to catch and I have several reports of a few fish landed and many more hooked and lost.

If we get the promised rain in the next few days, a nice flush of fresh water in the river should do wonders for the fishing. There are some big tides this weekend and for the first half of next week, so chances will probably be better than they have been all Season.