Thursday 15th August 2013

Thursday 15th August 2013

George Wallace

Thursday 15th August:

Not quite as sunny as it was but fine enough, and the cloudy conditions give one hope for successful fishing. Jay reported ten brown trout caught on fly yesterday at Groves Farm, and Tony and his brothers had a great day's coarse fishing on the Village Beat with roach, chub and loads of dace coming to the net.

No news of salmon or sea-trout landed but there are definitely fish in the river. Salmon have been seen jumping the weirs at Overton and Erbistock so the winter floods have obviously altered the contours a bit and fish can now run past Bangor on Dee even when the river is below Summer normal, as it is at the moment.

Prospects for the weekend look good. The national weather forecast said Saturday would be absolute crap (sorry, that's a meteorological term meaning wet and windy) but the local forecast is less depressing. Friday looks like being a lovely day, especially after noon, and Sunday also looks as if it should be good. I don't think there'll be enough rain to damage fishing prospects but it's always best to check water levels if you are travelling far - and even better if you know someone locally who can check the colour for you. I will try to keep water conditions posted here but we are a bit busy at the moment so I can't guarantee it.