Thursday 21st August 2014

Thursday 21st August 2014

George Wallace

Thursday 21st August:

Yeuch! What a nasty morning. Windy with blustery showers.

This is really just a note to remind BODSA members not to take any notice of river levels at Manley Hall, either from the graph on this page or from the telephone link, if it happens to work when you try. The levels indicated on the graph are completely haywire, so if you want to know what's happening to water levels, go to the EA website and look for the Welsh Dee. Once again ignore the link to Manley Hall. If you check higher up at Corwen and below at Farndon you will see that the river is being maintained at its current level and that there have been none of the weird fluctuations indicated by the equipment at Manley Hall.

I'm just going down to Groves Farm to remove the trip-wires where the old fence ran to the river above Cemetery Pool. Been meaning to do it for two years!

Tight lines.