Thursday 23rd February

Thursday 23rd February

George Wallace

Thursday 23rd February:

The roar of wind around the house reminds me, if any reminder were needed, that we are in the midst of an episode of explosive cyclogenesis. That sounds pretty dramatic, but if you prefer, you can call it Storm Doris which seems much less threatening. But whatever we call it, it is a bit windy and the attendant rain means that our river is already more than three feet above normal and seems likely to reach four feet later to-day.

In the wood here we could hear the sharp crack of snapping branches so i dread to think what might be happening with all those dodgy Crack Willows along the river bank. I would advise most strongly that no-one goes anywhere near until the storm has passed, but after that please have a look along the banks and let us know if you see any fallen or dangerous trees that might need attention.

Shadow and I have been over the field here, along the ha-ha and back.  It was almost a run with the wind aft, but coming home the wind was strong enough to lean on. Stopping for a pee, as we old chaps have to, the wind carried it Eastwards to land almost twenty yards away. I dare say you younger fellows think that's just normal, but at my age it's pretty impressive. Anyway........

The new salmon season begins a week tomorrow so, for those of you who still buy a salmon licence, let's hope things have settled down a bit before then. I know a lot of us are refusing to buy them, in protest at NRW's closing of the hatcheries and putting ever more restrictions on anglers rather than coming into the real World and sorting out some of the obvious problems facing our endangered salmon. At least the proposed whole season catch and release has been postponed, as has the restriction on worming, hooks etc. But that doesn't mean it has gone away and I think they probably intend to introduce the restrictions in time for the following season.

Just a reminder on Seasons and rules. Salmon fishing begins on 3rd March, a week tomorrow, but sea-trout do not come in until the 20th. Fishing is fly only until 1st June and all salmon must be carefully returned up to 16th June. More rules come in at that point but we'll leave them until nearer the time.

And finally, a reminder of the guided river walks on the weekend of 4th and 5th March. Details are in the Community section, the third item from the top.