Thursday 26th July 2018

Thursday 26th July 2018

George Wallace

Thursday 26th July:

With the hot weather continuing and forecasts of heavy rain on one TV channel and continuing drought on the other, the rest of the week is anybody's guess.

Good catches of grayling are being recorded by canny fly fishers, with an occasional Brown Trout up to 2lbs in weight and Sea-Trout to 1 1/2 lbs. There are a lot of salmon on our lower Beats but I have not heard of anyone catching them - or even fishing for them, come to that. As I'm always saying, you'll bloody catch nowt sittin' at home.

Full Moon tomorrow with some big tides which will bring in even more fish. They may well come into the river and go back to the estuary several times while the river is low, but plenty are being seen as far upstream as Pickhill.

You may remember our big charity duck race last year to raise funds for Nightingale House? It was a very successful day in spite of the weather and we are holding it again on Saturday 11th August. As before, we need volunteers with waders and nets to help catch the ducks after they have passed under Bangor Old Bridge, so if you can help please let Keith, Derek or myself know so we can get an idea of numbers. Soft-mouthed dogs are also very welcome, Steve!

I will be upstream in the Club's boat, launching each batch of ducks. We have a new boat this year, much more stable, so with a bit of luck I won't fall out of it. Last year, you may remember, I went arse over kite into the oggin to the huge amusement of our Chairman, Keith, who awarded me 10 points for the dive and then deducted 3 for my use of nautical language. Happy days. See you there.