Thursday 27th March 2014

Thursday 27th March 2014

George Wallace

Thursday 27th:

The river has been relatively unaffected by recent rain, considering the ground is still saturated and can't absorb any more water. There was a blip of about an inch at 0400hrs last Tuesday and another the same at 0400hrs this morning, bringing the the river level to 700mm, or about 10 inches above normal. Quite fishable, but not much fun until the weather improves.

Fishermen visiting Groves Farm might wonder what has happened to the seat at the head of Cemetery Pool. I brought it home to varnish it but the varnish has been very slow to dry in the endlessly damp weather and the ground is now too wet again to take the Land Rover across the fields to reassemble the bench without damaging the grass. Welcome to Britain!

Tomorrow evening, Friday 28th, is our monthly Noggin 'n Natter at the Royal Oak in Bangor on Dee. Everyone is welcome; members, prospective members or the merely curious.

Sunday 30th is our second working party. Meet on the Royal Oak car park by 10 o'clock. We are barnstorming Pickhill this time, to clear the way through the little wood between Big Pool and George's Run, remove some anti-fishing obstructions between Johnny Morris and Nunnely's and perhaps, if the ground is dry enough for the Land Rover to get some purchase, drag out the logs stuck at the head of Brook Mouth. (Photo of that mess on an earlier Blog.) Big John and I will deal with the big stuff with chain saws, so all you need is any hand tools you fancy using and bags for collecting rubbish. And don't forget a flask and something to eat.