Thursday 28th May 2015

Thursday 28th May 2015

George Wallace

Thursday 28th May:

With the river now at around Summer normal and running clear, salmon will be lying in the pools waiting for a bit of water. It doesn't mean they can't be caught - and several have been reported in the last couple of weeks - but it's more difficult than when there's a bit more water and a bit more colour. It is surprising what tiny flies they will look at in these conditions. Spinning becomes legal from Monday and bait fishing from the start of the new coarse fishing season, a fortnight from Tuesday.

Trout and grayling have been taking well with some decent fish recorded. Mayfly are hatching, along with a lot of other flies, but the fish seem more interested in the nymph or emerger at the moment than in the flying insect. That will doubtless change as they get used to seeing them again and as (or when?) the weather warms up and this chilly wind dies away.

Don't forget our May Noggin 'n' Natter at the Royal Oak tomorrow evening from 1900 hrs. We hope to see you there.

Karl kindly sent me the photos below which show fresh water lampreys spawning at Groves Farm. Pete also sent me a video of this happening at Rodens Hall but I haven't been able to upload that, so Karl's excellent stills will have to suffice for the moment.