Thursday 2nd August 2012

Thursday 2nd August 2012

George Wallace

Heavy showers were forecast but it's actually been a pretty good day here. The river is about four inches above normal and very clear.

An interesting afternoon. I was brashing balsam on the banks while Karl taught James the noble art of fly fishing. Lesson over, they left their salmon rods at the top of the pool and used trout tackle to catch some nice grayling. James had his best ever. There were fish rising but no sign of anything big. I stopped for a rest and watched Karl and James fish down the pool. "That looks like a good spot for a salmon," I said to Karl, "either there or at the tail of that bush trailing in the water."   "What," he replied, "on a 2wt rod?"  "Well," I said, "we fish with small flies at this time of year, don't we - and if you hook a salmon on that little rod I'll come back on Saturday to net it for you."

Moments later his rod bent into a decent fish which turned out to be a bright sliver grilse of four or five pounds. I call that a team effort. 6ft 6ins, 2wt cane rod and a little black spider tied on a long shank size 14 hook. Who needs a fourteen footer in Summer!

And if you want to know why Karl catches so many fish, it's because, apart from being a pretty handy angler, he also puts the time in.

Friday 3rd August. Heard to-day of another grilse hooked and lost on worm. But the grass on the banks is untrodden in most places, so fishing pressure is extremely light which is presumably why I am getting so few reports.