Thursday 30th April 2015

Thursday 30th April 2015

George Wallace

Thursday 30th April:

Here we are at the end of April and yours truly hasn't wet a line yet - or even put it back on the reel. However other members have been busy and it seems that trout and grayling have been taking freely all along the river, even though the grayling aren't really allowed to feed until 16th June! I have heard of a couple over 2lbs.

Salmon are scarce and I only heard of two Springers last week, from somewhere up by the Boat Inn. So don't despair because they have to swim through eight miles of BODSA waters to get to the Boat. New members particularly should be aware that Dee Salmon, certainly on our waters, do not tend to show much and it would be easy to think that there are no fish in the river. But they are there and the only way to find them is to get your fly in the water.

The forecast for the coming weekend is not the best but there's a less than 5% chance of rain tomorrow, Friday, 10% on Saturday during the day and probably some heavy rain on Saturday night and into Sunday morning. Sunday looks a bit wet but Monday somewhat better. And the swallows are back in numbers which is always a good sign.

If you have not looked at the river downstream from Bangor Old Bridge recently you will, I hope, be pleasantly surprised. We have cleared a lot of the obstructions caused by fallen trees with their tangle of driftwood and have trimmed underneath so that you can get a fly into all the lies formerly covered by branches and trailing debris. It looks good and you can now fish and wade very nicely from the bridge for about 250 yards downstream; as far, in fact, as your waders and your courage will allow! Thanks are due, and are hereby extended, to all those who have helped with the work. There's still lots to do further downstream but the top end is now really fit for purpose and a credit to Bangor on Dee Salmon Anglers.

Further downstream, the access road to the Chicken Sheds is being improved. The farmer is doing the work with a bit of help from the Club. There is some really lovely water down there which is well worth a look and with improved access we should now be able to get to the banks to deal with the obstructions to fishing.