Thursday 31st May 2018

Thursday 31st May 2018

George Wallace

Thursday 31st May:

Four of us did some good work yesterday on the banks downstream of the Old Bridge. We are very conscious that the Village Beat is BODSA's shop window for visiting anglers and as such is in serious need of a bit of tlc. We made a start dragging untidy bushes out of the water and preparing to install proper fishing places for coarse anglers, where they can sit in comfort, cast easily and land fish without getting them tangled in bushes just below the swim. It will be a long process but we have made a decent start at the tail of Dukes which is a cracking place for big chub and perch. We'll be working our way downstream as the weeks pass by, so if you have knowledge, suggestions or muscle power available, please get in touch.

The river was a foot above normal yesterday and in absolutely prime condition, clearing very nicely. It has fallen another four inches in the last twenty-four hours so if we don't have too much rain in the intervening couple of days, next weekend could be a good 'un.

Trout and grayling have been caught in some numbers and there have been several salmon both caught and seen though details, as always, are hard to come by. With this bit of extra water and the Spring tides, there will be plenty of fish in the river and they really can be caught if you put the time in. People often think there are no fish around simply because they haven't seen any, but Dee salmon are usually pretty undemonstrative so that's really no guide. They are often seen by coarse fishermen who sit in one place for a long time, watching the river, so you just have to keep faith and keep casting. Try bigger flies, smaller flies, fish faster or slower, deeper or shallower until you find what tickles their fancy on the day. Dee salmon, at least on our Beats, seem to prefer small flies but that's not an inflexible rule, so if you can't persuade them to take notice, keep trying something new. And it's not rocket science; you wouldn't believe some of the complete idiots who seem able to catch them regularly. Not in our Club, of course; we don't have any idiots, but you know what I mean. You don't need a degree in anything; just a bit of commonsense and, usually, a lot of time and effort.