Wednesday 18th May 2016

Wednesday 18th May 2016

George Wallace

Wednesday 18th May:

To-day was supposed to be a day of heavy rain but apart from a bit of a shower during the night, we have seen none here. The river is running, apparently, a few inches above Summer normal but it's difficult to be sure when the margins are so small. I have cleaned our board at Dukes, with some help and support from Grevin, and it is now, for the first time since last November, once more easy to read the depth.

Here the water level is 2ft and a tiny bit. (The number 2 has dissappeared over the Winter and we can't stick on a new one until it dries out) That level is 6ins, or a fraction more, above the 18ins normal and would equate to about 600mm on the gauge at Manley Hall as recorded here on our website. At the same time that reading was actually 550mm so at this level of water the two gauges differ by a couple of inches, which could simply be because Manley Hall is about six miles upstream of Bangor on Dee. In the past there seems to have been an increasing error as the level rises, leading us to wonder whether our board had slipped down its pole during more than five months under water. Now that we can see it, that is apparently not so and we will see during the next spell of rising water how our board - which is fixed and therefore always correct - compares to the electronic wizardry of NRW. I can hardly contain my excitement!

In the meantime the river looks beautiful. Last week's flush of fresh water means it is clearer, though there is still slippery algae on the stones near the bank. The breeze has been chilly and seems to have suppressed fly life - and rising fish - in exposed places, but my walks along the bank have shown plenty of fly and plenty of rising fish in places sheltered from the breeze. I haven't seen a salmon myself but others report doing so.