Wednesday 19th March 2014

Wednesday 19th March 2014

George Wallace

Weds 19th March:

With fine weather and the river falling very slowly, fishing prospects are pretty good. The level at the moment is 620mm on the gauge at Manley Hall which is as near to perfect as we could wish for. The forecast for the weekend is a bit mixed, depending upon who is presenting it, but the five day forecast for the Wrexham area shows the weekend as bright and cloudy with occasional showers and, most important, with this blasted wind dropping a bit.

Those who are coming on the river walks on Sunday, please keep on checking here in case the weather deteriorates and we have to cancel. The original forecast for Sunday was heavy rain and half a gale of wind which would make a pleasant tour of the river bank absolutely impossible. It looks much better at the moment but if the forecast changes and the walk has to be cancelled, I will post a notice here on Friday evening.

Last Sunday was our first Working Party and was well attended by an enthusiastic and energetic bunch of volunteers. Everyone who fishes our lower Beats this year will have cause to be grateful to them for the vast improvement in that area. We carried out a major clean-up of the car park and downstream banks at Rodens Hall and the result can be seen in the photograph below. If you refer back to Derek's photos in my earlier Blog, you can see the difference. There is a lot more to do, all along the river, but that was an excellent start.

Sea-trout fishing begins tomorrow, 20th March, with the same rules regarding fly, spin and bait as for salmon. This means fly only until 1st June. There seem to be quite a lot of sea-trout in the river, so it is well worth having a try.