Wednesday 28th May 2014

Wednesday 28th May 2014

George Wallace

Weds 28th May:

There you are - it can be done! I have tried all ways to get the picture to fit but it won't, so although I may be having a bad day, Nicky most certainly was not because here she is with her very first salmon, a bright hen Springer of 14lbs. So well done to her, and I'm sure it has made us all very envious.

PS Thursday - the photo seems to have sorted itself out overnight, so we can see it all.

The weather forecast for the next few weeks is pretty dire but the river is in excellent heart, full of fish and just begging for us to get down there and cast a line.

Sunday is 1st June when spinning becomes legal and on the 16th bait fishing starts and you can then also, if you wish, keep a fish for supper. Very few of our members ever do keep a salmon and not many keep sea-trout, which is exactly as it should be; however, after so much effort and expense an occasional fish for the table is not unreasonable.

On a more mundane front, Balsam and Japanese knotweed are both growing well in the warmth and the wet but it's no use spraying them unless the leaves are dry, so it looks like the strimmer and hand pulling for the balsam and waiting for a dry day for the other ghastly stuff.

If you are free, our next Noggin n Natter is at the Royal Oak on Friday evening, so we hope to see you there.