Wednesday 29th August 2012

Wednesday 29th August 2012

George Wallace

The river was looking good yesterday evening. Almost 16" of water on and it was again the colour of mahogany, but underwater visibility was somewhere between one and two feet. Very fishable. Graham and I fished Pickhill with fly, down from Johnny Morris to the Car Park. He was using an intermediate tip while mine was a medium sinker. Neither of us felt or saw anything until right on last light when Graham had a grilse roll over his fly just below the pipe at the head of Car Park Pool. The fish seemed to try to take on a downstream lunge as the fly passed it, but Graham felt nothing. No fish to report but at least we know they are there!

Heavy shower at dawn this morning and the river is now, 1100hrs, rising again. However, the rain wasn't much so unless it was heavier up-country or they are letting water out of the reservoirs, the river should remain fishable. Just remember your waterproofs - the forecast is not brilliant.

1300hrs. The river is still rising slowly and is 866mm on the gauge, which is 17 1/2 inches above normal and 2 inches higher than when I fished yesterday.

1830hrs. Water level now over 950mm and still rising. I haven't been to look but I expect it will be pretty thick and coloured for a while yet.