Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Wednesday 3rd October 2012

George Wallace

Wednesday. The river level shot up 18" yesterday evening following a day of almost continuous rain. It is now falling again but is still three feet above normal and a good two feet above what is comfortable for fishing. Present rate of fall is about 18" per 24 hours so it ought to be fishable on Friday and better still at the weekend, provided there's no more heavy rain up in the hills. It is also likely that with the reservoirs brim full, the EA will release water to make room for the next lot of rain. I have my fingers crossed - but I'm not betting my shirt on getting any more fishing before the Season ends, a fortnight to-day. That will be a shame because the river will be bursting at the seams with fresh fish coming in on the high Spring tides after Sunday's full moon.

If the river falls and you do decide to try your luck, please remember that the banks are VERY slippery. Catching a greased pig is simple compared to keeping your feet on the wet banks of the lower Dee!

There have been problems with farm gates so please remember to close them behind you. If they are already open, then it probably means the farmer wants them like that so they can be left open. However, it's not always easy to tell and since we seem to get a bollocking either way, all we can do is try our best.

PM. Had a call from the Environment Agency. Apparently the BT line to the Manley Hall river level gauge is out of action. The whole system is getting pretty old and, even if BT manage to re-establish the telephone connection, the station is scheduled to be closed down as obsolete in the not too distant future. The on-line link via the EA's website will continue to operate, as will the link via our website, so it may be best to get used to checking river levels by that means, and forget about the telephone.