Wednesday 4th March 2015

Wednesday 4th March 2015

George Wallace

Wednesday 4th March:

"Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,

I wonder where those birdies is?

The little birds is on the wing.

But that's absurd - the little wings is on the birds."

Well anyway, with wall to wall sunshine forecast, the river falling and clearing nicely and a new Salmon season starting yesterday, this weekend is looking good. SW'ly breezes, sunshine and cloud and temperatures into double figures makes for about as perfect a first weekend of the Season as one could wish. Time to blow the cobwebs off the old double-hander?

There will be Kelts heading seawards and although they often take like a terrier grabbing a rat, they are actually quite vulnerable so please handle them with care so they remain fit enough to run the gauntlet of seals in the estuary. Barbless or micro-barb hooks are definitely preferable for the sake of the fish and their future.

Catch and release is the order of the day until 16th June and for most of us that policy continues for the rest of the Season, although no-one can really object to anglers taking an occasional fish for the table. None of the other myriad predators of salmon and sea-trout ever put anything back unharmed, do they!

Although there are likely to be some big sea-trout coming in now - and there are Spring tides this weekend to help running fish - don't forget that the sea-trout Season doesn't begin until the 20th, so if you are lucky enough to catch one, please return it with great care.

And please, please, please take photographs and send them to me for inclusion here, with place and method of capture. We are not a Secret Society and it really encourages other members to see that a bit of effort and a dash of luck really can deliver the goods. This applies equally to coarse fish, please. I know that a 25lbs pike was caught in the Monk's Drain recently but haven't seen a picture so far. (Hint, hint!)

Cormorants. Please have a look at Derek's post on this subject by clicking on "BODSAA Community" and scrolling down to "General Chat" in the first section. He is asking for Members' views and comments.

And in the meantime, don't forget to enjoy the weekend. Conditions could hardly be better and the Welsh Dee has had exceptional runs of big Spring fish in the last couple of years.