Wednesday 4th November 2015

Wednesday 4th November 2015

George Wallace

Wednesday 4th November:

This is the anniversary of the day the allied forces finally broke through the German lines at the second battle of El Alamein in 1942. It was an incredible fight and, despite rumours to the contrary, the poorly equpped Italians fought like heroes until they ran out of ammunition. They then had to surrender because Rommel and his Germans had left them to hold the line while they buggered off with all the motor transport. Sound familiar? Anyway.......

The river's looking gorgeous and the first fall of autumn leaves has gone downstream leaving it, for the moment - and perhaps until we get some wind to blow the rest of the leaves down - very fishable. Ian has had some nice grayling up to just over 1 lb on a small parachute dry. At some stage the little fly, fished on a 3 wt rod, was taken by a whopper that smashed him comprehensively. Happy days!

Yesterday was a glorious day and although fishing was not easy there was the compensation of kingfisher, dipper, mandarin duck and a single whooper swan. Haven't seen one of those in the area before. There's also plenty of otter sign and the photo below (fish scales at a kill) may account for the lack of big grayling in the tail of Cemetery Pool at Groves Farm. There are normally a lot of big fish in that spot so let's hope the otters haven't killed them all and that they are just lying low for the moment. Let's also hope that the otters, delightful though they be, have now moved on upstream to "improve" someone else's fishing.

Tomorrow, 5th November, is the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, 410 years ago. I have heard it said that Guy Fawkes is the only person ever to have entered Parliament with honest intentions, so you may make what you will of that.

Enjoy this unseasonable weather while it lasts.