The Captain's

New for 2007 and now a jewel in the Club's crown, it consists of 1150 yards of water at Sutton Green. It is a beautiful and productive stretch of river but do take note of the three (I think!) underwater cliffs where one unwary step can dump an incautious wader into many feet of water.

The waters at The Captain's are left bank only and upstream of Roden's Hall.

The banks here are quite open and easily accessible with good flow, even at summer levels. While all methods can be easily fished here, there is plentiful fly water.

The waters here are easily waded though anglers should be aware that there are a number of deep holes and drop offs, so as with all wading, care should be taken, especially until you are familiar with the waters.

Further details to be provided when available.


Parking is at the bottom of the lane past Sutton Green Farm with easy walking across the fields, but most members seem to prefer to park at Rodens Hall and walk upstream to the Captain's, so we can fish back towards the car..