The Chicken Sheds

New for 2008, 1100 yards of left bank, below and abutting Done's Meadow

The Chicken Sheds was first leased for the 2008 season. This water hasn't been fished by anyone for a number of years. As a result it is more overgrown than many of our other beats and we have walked it with NRW's conservation officer to see how access might be improved and we now have to get a quote for doing the very heavy work necessary to make it a good fishery. There is quite a lot of good fly water on this beat with a number of deeper pools that require worm or spinner to cover them effectively. It had a reputation for producing a lot of fish in the past.

Further details to be provided when available.


Currently, parking is as for Roden's Hall and Done's Meadow. We are currently working on parking for a small number of cars specifically for this beat.