The committee is made up of duly elected members.

The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer form the executive of the association. The executive act as the trustees for the association.

The committee is responsible for ensuring the objectives of the association are met.

Position Name Profile
Chairman Keith Evans Keith has been fishing the Welsh Dee since it was a tiny, baby stream. He joined BODSA in 1991 and knows our waters like the back of his hand. Keith was Secretary from 1999 to 2007. Keith took over as Chairman from Stan Adams in 2017.
Secretary  Derek Doyle Derek is an enthusiastic committee member and avid fly fisherman; with a strong belief in catch and release. Derek has been a club member since 2011 but has fished the Dee for over 35 years.
Treasurer  Derek Doyle  
Membership Secretary  George Wallace

Membership secretary was a role created in 2007 to share the responsibilities of the secretary in our growing Association. George has been a Member since 2004 and knows more ways of not catching salmon - and exactly where to do it - than anyone else.

Fisheries Officer  Derek Doyle  


 Russell Dilks  
Member  Noel Daniels Noel joined the club in 2001; he is a well known worm fisherman and has some memorable catches to his name.