Monday 3rd March 2014

Monday 3rd March 2014

George Wallace

Monday 3rd March:  I have been too busy even to think about wetting a line on this day, the first of our new Salmon Season; but I don't suppose I missed much. The river rose slightly following yesterday's rain and was carrying a bit of colour. Although still two feet above normal, it is falling again now, 1900hrs, and should be fishable tomorrow or Wednesday if we have no more rain.

I passed by the Severn in Shrewsbury this morning and that was a vile colour, reminiscent of a really bad day in a baby's nappy. Our beautiful Dee never seems to get quite as bad as that and I am sure will be clearing nicely tomorrow. Jack and I will go down and look, and then report back. Might even take a rod.

Steve had a nice Chub of over 5lbs down at Rodens Hall a few days back, so the fish are there and apparently ready to feed. The high water and spring tides will be bringing fresh fish into the river, so there's always a chance of a Springer. There will also be Kelts heading seaward - but probably not many, unless last year's salmon run was a lot more than I thought.

The river was full of sea-trout last Summer, so let's hope this year is as good. There did not seem to be many big fish but although most were around a pound to a pound and a quarter, there were quite a few up to a couple of pounds weight.