Thursday 5th September 2013

Thursday 5th September 2013

George Wallace

Thursday 5th September:- The long spell of fine weather has meant low water and the bright sunshine has made fishing difficult but on the bright side, with the river low and clear comes a good opportunity to walk the banks and see features which are covered when the level is higher.

Despite the apparent lack of salmon, there appear to be plenty of sea-trout in the river and they, grayling and brown trout take willingly if you fish at the right time and in the right place. Our Secretary had a 2lbs grayling at Rodens Hall at the weekend and lots of fish have been caught on the higher Beats on both dry and wet flies. Fish the shade beneath the trees if you want them to play during the day.

Coarse fishermen have also apparently made some good catches but I have no details at the moment.

One thing I discovered this week while having lunch after an exhausting morning's battle with the grayling - I have had several over 1lb and a couple about 2lbs - is that Mr Kipling's excellent treacle tarts attract wasps from a great distance. Take great care with every bite!

With cooler weather forecast and the chance of rain, we may get a bit of fresh water in the river, but that is far from certain. The local forecast is for a spell of heavy rain tomorrow morning, Friday, but nothing more than an odd light shower for the next five days. If there is a lot of rain up in the hills the river may receive what the reservoirs can spare, but don't count on anything dramatic. There is a new moon to-night and if we also get a bit of fresh water the high tides ought to bring in a rush of fish, so those of you with an athletic inclination might like to try a bit of rain dancing; the rest of us will admire your efforts and offer support by crossing our fingers.

This afternoon the wind was Easterly which reminded me of the old rhyme:                                                                     When the wind is in the East                                                                                                     It brings no good to man nor beast.                                                So let us hope it soon changes direction!