Coarse Fishing

The club has a coarse fishing section at a lower cost than full membership, though fishing is then restricted to the Village Beat, Chicken Sheds and Lower Hall during the salmon season, 3rd March to 17th October. Day tickets are also available from the Middle Shop in the village.

Many species are encountered including Pike, Chub, Barbel, Perch, Eels and Dace.

Many species of course fish are encountered by trout and salmon anglers, in particular Pike and Chub.


Spinning isn't allowed for Pike fishing on BODSA waters to protect the salmon. Only the occasional angler targets Esox Lucius on our waters though many fish each season fall to the spinners of the salmon anglers. These are mainly between 4lb and low doubles, though bigger fish are known to patrol our waters and several over 20lbs have been caught in recent years. One 20-pounder was apparently followed to the net by an even bigger fish! These are often seen in the church pool, with several fish in the 20lb category seen when the Environment Agency undertook bank protection work at the Church Pool, disturbing the water and flushing the fish from cover. Another spot frequented by pike is the bottom meadow on Plumleys, with the slacker water better suiting the pike, as does the large pool above the Graig Island.


As with pike, chub often fall to salmon anglers, to the spinner and the fly, though reasonable numbers are taken by anglers targeting the species with bread, luncheon meat, red worms etc.

Smaller chub in the 1-2 lb category are often found in the faster waters including the Bridge Pool and Cadburys, though fish are reported from all beats. The larger fish, specimens up to 6 and 7 pounds are found in the more sheltered waters. Big fish are often seen at the fence line below the groynes on Plumleys.

Large shoals of chub are often seen in the Bridge Pool at spawning time and can be seen by looking over the bridge parapet on the downstream side..


The perch on our waters frequent the deeper stretches and are taken on natural baits and spinners. The Church Pool holds plenty of fish in the 3/4 to 1 lb range. Other areas to try are the deep water between Duke's and Pylons, the bottom of Mud Flats, the Deep Pool and Plumley's.


Large numbers of dace gather at the shallower water on our beats, including the tails of most pools such as the Church Pool, Monk's Drain and Pump House with shallow areas such as the left bank at Pylon's worth a try. Many dace are taken by trout anglers on small dries and emergers, the dace being free risers. Dace are also taken by more traditional coarse fishing tactics.

Estuary Species

Especially on the bottom two beats, flat fish are often taken on deeply fished spinners. These fish often achieve weights approaching 2 pounds.

Again these often fall to Salmon anglers.